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At Pacific University, all faculty teach a variety of different courses. Typically, we do not use graduate teaching assistants, which means that your classes will be taught by professors and that you will have plenty of opportunities to get to know the faculty in your discipline.

I have taught nearly all the courses in mathematics.


PhD Mathematics, University of Oregon, Eugene, Ore., 1992

MS, Mathematics, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Wash., 1987

BS, Mathematics, Western Washington University, Bellingham, Wash., 1985

Recent Senior Projects Supervised

Grace Tolberd: Proofs Without Words and Student Use of Visual Representations in Proof

Randall Klagge: Mathematics of Segregation Measures

Shi Wen Wong: RSA Cryptography, Large Primes, and the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search

Jordan Zweifel: A Stochastic Model of Volleyball Scoring

Alyssa Watson: Graph Pebbling

Justin Hurworth: A Comprehensive Model of Radiation Therapy for Cancer: An Application of the Linear-Quadratic Model of Cell Survival

Blake Tobler & Ilana Freeman: The Mathematics of Redistricting

Prescott Devinney: System Dynamics Model of Schistosomiasis: Comparing Holistic Interventions to Piecemeal

Qianru Wang: Dellanoy Numbers is Dimension higher than 2

Emily Barry: Voting Rank Methods and the Borda Count

Emma Winkel: Pi: Its History, Properties and Introduction in the Middle School Classroom

Bridget Daly: Use & Misuse of Regression for Chemical Analysis

David Carr: A Mathematical Model of Student Debt

Spencer Chalndler: Patterns in the (a,b) Pascal's Triangle Modulo a Prime

Jeff Mintz: Synthetic Wavefront Reconstruction

Scott Perez: Chop it up: An overview of Dissections

Taylor Matyasz: Counting Minomal Solutions to Diophantine Inequalities

Evan Cooper: College Football Ranking Systems: Improvements of Two Models

Travis White: The Mathematics of Juggling

Recent Professional and Professional Service Activity

Textbook Co-Author

  • Calculus: Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic Sixth Edition, AP Edition.
  • College Calculus, a text for students with AB AP-Calculus background


Chief Reader, 2022-Present.  AP Precalculus is the College Board's newest AP mathematics course. 


    • College Board Endorsed Workshop Consultant, January 2012 - Present
    • Member of the ETS AP-Calculus Workgroup, 2014-2020
    • Chief Reader, July 2007-July 2011
    • Chief Reader Designate, July 2006-June 2007
    • Exam Leader, Question Leader, Table Leader, Reader, June 1994-June 2006
    • Moderator, AP-Calculus Electronic Discussion Group, 1996-2006
    • Currently Question Leader

    Oregon Mathematics Education Council

    • President 2006-2007
    • Webmaster 2001-2017
    • Member 1996-Present
    • Principal Investigator and/or Participant on various grants regarding in-service teacher professional development


    • Member, Committee on Professional Development
    • Past-Chair, Committee for the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics
    • Member Mutual Concerns of the MAA and College Board
    • Former Chair of the PNW Section


    Michael Boardman pacific math Professor

    The College Board has appointed Pacific University Mathematics Professor Michael Boardman
    to serve as the Advanced Placement (AP) Chief Faculty Consultant, also known as Chief Reader.