Parent Support

As a parent of a Pacific student, you are now part of the Boxer community.

We want your child to thrive at Pacific throughout his or her college career. We also want parents and family members to have equally healthy transitions during the collegiate journey.

Pacific is committed to fostering a rich experience for the college student and for the family members who support that student. Therefore, we established the Office of Parent Support.

Parental support aids student success. Such support might mean inspiring your daughter to take on a leadership position in a campus organization or sending your son a reminder of his financial aid deadline. Studies show that parental involvement increases the chances that a college student will graduate and be successful.

We know when parents are aware of university resources and are able to work in conjunction with university staff and faculty, the confidence level among all parties grows.

Recognizing that freshman parent transitions are very different from the transitions of the parents of graduating seniors, we value all the varied experiences that families will have during the college years. The Office of Parent Support allows family members to connect with each other and become better allies with the University.

We hope you'll take full advantage of the services and resources that the Office of Parent Support provides.

If you would like to participate at upcoming campus events or have suggestions to share, please contact the Office of Parent Support. Pacific welcomes your participation and enthusiasm, and we look forward to working with you!


The Office of Parent Support exists to serve the families, specifically the parents or guardians, of Pacific University Students in three major areas:

  • To help parents support their sons and daughters to become healthy, successful graduates;
  • To offer parents information to navigate university services, participate in activities, demystify the college experience, and alleviate concerns, and;
  • To provide parents an opportunity to explore their own developmental needs as they, like their children, experience personal and family transitions during the college years and beyond.


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