Faculty Advising for Your Student

Experience has shown that successful Pacific University students all have one thing in common—a close working relationship with at least one faculty member. The faculty at Pacific is committed to teaching and working closely with students. You can be instrumental in encouraging your son or daughter to begin right away forging good relationships with faculty.

Each Pacific student has a faculty advisor. Students are assigned advisors according to the academic areas in which they have expressed an interest. However, students may change their advisor anytime they wish. When students decide on a major they usually select an advisor in that department. Faculty advisors present students with a set of options and help them make informed choices about their academic program. It is important for students to take advantage of the advice and expertise faculty advisors are ready to share. A good question to ask a new student is, "When was the last time you had a good conversation with your advisor?"

While faculty advisors are excellent sources of information, responsibility for meeting academic requirements and making wise academic decisions ultimately rests with the students. We believe strongly that students will learn the most if they take ownership of their academic program.

Students are expected to know and check on degree requirements, meet deadlines, and generally take responsibility for their own education.

Courses, academic regulations and requirements for graduation are explained in great detail in the College of Arts and Sciences catalog. Copies of the catalog can be obtained through the office of the College of Arts and Sciences (503-352-2201) or online. This is also the office to contact for questions regarding the academic program.