Satisfactory Academic Progress

Pacific University does not admit students who aren't capable of taking advantage of its educational opportunities. Pacific is known as a school with high academic standards and demanding curriculum.

For some students, the challenges of our academic program require a good deal of adjustment from high school or community college. We have, therefore, created an academic support system that ensures each student every opportunity to get help when it is needed.

All students are expected to maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) overall, to achieve at least a 2.0 each semester, and to earn at least 12 credits each semester. If, at the end of a semester, students fall short of any one of these standards, they are put on warning.

If the standards are not met in a later semester, the student will either be suspended from the university or placed on academic probation. This decision is made by the Standards and Advising Committee in consultation with the assistant dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Students who are allowed to continue taking classes while on probation are not eligible to compete in intercollegiate athletics, forensics and other participatory activities. Suspended students are asked to leave school, usually for a full year. Some are then encouraged to return and complete their degrees.

Experience has shown that students who spend some time away from Pacific, either working or taking courses elsewhere, usually return with a renewed sense of purpose, high motivation and a much greater likelihood of academic success.