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These forms will help students complete their application to the English Language Institute (ELI). If you need help, an ELI staff person will help you complete the forms. If you are in Oregon, please print out the form and take it to the ELI Office (Scott Hall, Room 113).  If you are not in Oregon, please call 503-352-1600 or email  

ELI Application Packet (pdf) | Use this form to apply to the English Language Institute (ELI).  It also has helpful information about the ELI program.

Required Immunization Form (pdf) | Use this form to show you have recieved the required immunizations. This MUST be completed before you can register for classes.

ELI Student Arrival Form | After you have been accepted to the English Language Institute, use this form to tell the ELI Faculty & Staff when and how you will arrive.