Testing Accommodations | Accessibility & Accommodation

The TPP, Suite D testing site in Hillsboro is only staffed when exams are scheduled. The OAA Services staff offices are located on the Forest Grove campus, Clark Hall, 2nd floor, rooms 226, 227, & 227A. Our exam facilitation hours are Monday–Friday from 8 AM–5 PM, with extended hours during Arts & Sciences final exams.

Testing accommodations are offered to eligible students who experience barriers or limitations in regards to test-taking. This can include, but is not limited to: timed-assessments, or online-based exams; visual barriers, hearing barriers, and/or different or overlapping learning styles. Students can review potential Testing Accommodations outlined on our Services webpage. OAA does not proctor make-up exams for non-OAA clients. Please work with your program and/or Dean/Program Director for non-OAA client makeup exams.

How to schedule exams with OAA

This process is for OAA clients who have testing accommodations such as: extended time, low-distraction testing room, private/separate testing room, and/or exam reader.

To be able to request the use of your testing accommodations, you must first submit a Semester Request in Accommodate. This allows you to review your accommodations and select which classes you want to use them for. A semester request must be submitted each new semester and will be approved within 3 business days.

Please refer to the Instruction GuideInstruction Video, and directions below for support booking exams in your Accommodate student portal. 

  1. Log into Accommodate and navigate to the right hand menu and go to "Exam Requests"
  2. Click "New Booking Request"
  3. Select the course
  4. Change the date range to the day of the exam
  5. If you know the length of your exam, select "Yes" for "Override Course Length" and enter the time without accommodations
  6. If your exam takes place on a day outside of the schedule class day or time please select "Yes" for "Final/Other Schedule"
  7. Click "Check Availability"

Tests may not be booked within four days prior to the exam. We encourage students to book their exams two weeks in advance. If you attempt to book within four days of the exam, no options will appear.

You will receive an exam confirmation notification one week prior to your exam with the time and location.

Alternate Exam Proctoring

In specific circumstances and with approval from your faculty, OAA may be able to assist with proctoring exams via Zoom. This may be an option for students in some of following cases:

  • You are ill and cannot be physically present in the classroom or testing location but feel well enough to test

  • Your disability or impairment prevents you from attending class and is communicated to both your professor and OAA within a reasonable time for all parties to adjust your testing location

  • In the event of severe weather closing campus

Alternate exam proctoring cannot always be accommodated last-minute due to staffing needs and exam integrity issues. Please work with your faculty to receive approval before requesting this from OAA.