Getting Started | Accessibility & Accommodation

The Office of Accessibility & Accommodations (OAA) is designed to arrange for specialized academic support services or modifications to the learning environment for students with a documented disability. 

Students are able to request additional accommodations at any point in their academic pursuits at Pacific University. Follow the steps below to get started with OAA.

Step 1: Register with OAA via an Intake Form

First, submit an intake form via our Accommodate platform:
  • Log-in to Accommodate by using your Pacific University log-in credentials to view your student portal.
  • On the left side under "Accommodations," select "Intake Form" to complete the form and upload any relevant documentation you have. Please fill out the form to the best of your ability, even if you can't answer all questions.
  • Submit or request your disability documentation from your service provider (doctor, therapist or evaluator). Academic standards require qualified documentation to receive accommodation. 
    • I have my documentation: Upload it into your Accommodate Intake Form.
    • I don't have documentation but have a provider who can share information: You can request documentation from your provider or fill out a Disability Documentation DocuSign form to collect information from you and your provider. The form is first signed by you and is then automatically forwarded to the name and email address of the Service Provider you indicate. Alternatively, you can print a pdf of the Disability Documentation form and provide it to your provider.
    • I don't have documentation and I'm not sure I have a provider or don't have a provider who can share information: Submit the intake form without your documentation and reach out to us at oaa@pacificu.eduIf your disability is not currently documented and you are in need of a disability assessment, resources and information about getting assessed are available on the "Where can I get assessed" page.
  • Note: Please still submit your intake form even if you do not have your documentation yet.

Step 2: Intake Meeting

Once you submit an intake form, you will receive an email prompting you to schedule an intake appointment with OAA staff. 

  • These meetings can take place in person or on Zoom.
  • During this interactive intake meeting, you and OAA staff will discuss your intake form, any submitted documentation, and how your condition impacts your experience at Pacific University.
  • Through this meeting, OAA staff will determine if you are eligible for any reasonable accommodations, and if so, will approve those accommodations for you via the Accommodate portal.
  • Once approved for accommodations, the student will be told to submit a Semester Request for accommodations they wish to use.
  • Note: Please still schedule your intake meeting even if you do not have your documentation yet.

Step 3: Communicate

  • After Accommodation Letters are sent, we encourage you to set up appointments to meet with your professors to talk about your academic accommodations and develop an understanding and plan for the semester. Some accommodations, such as Flexibility with Attendance or accommodations related to deadlines, require the student and instructor to complete an agreement on how the accommodation will work in that particular class.
  • If you've been approved for testing accommodations, e-text accommodations, or note takers, please review the additional information for those accommodations.

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