Study Abroad in Perth, Australia


Program Information

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is a vibrant and diverse city, reflecting modern Australia’s multicultural character. It is set on the banks of the Swan River, a short distance upstream from its lively neighboring port city of Fremantle. The gleaming skyscrapers and air of prosperity reflects the several years that the State of Western Australia has been the powerhouse of the Australian economy, due to a mining boom. With its expansive parkland, nearby bush, and river and ocean beaches – along with an excellent public transportation system – the City of Perth will be an attractive destination for Pacific students,

The University of Western Australia (UWA) in Perth, with an enrollment of 24,000, is one of Australia’s elite universities. The main campus, characterized by a blend of Romanesque and contemporary architecture, as well as lush landscaping, has a spectacular location on the banks of the Swan River, 5-10 minutes from Perth city center by bus and a similar distance from the city’s ocean beaches. The facilities are outstanding, ranging from the high-tech classrooms to the expansive sports center and new aquatic center, which are indicative of the major facilities investments that have been made in recent years in the wake of the region’s economic upsurge.


UWA offers a comprehensive range of courses, across the following 9 faculties: Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts; Arts; Education; Engineering, Computing and Mathematics; Indigenous Studies; Law; Medicine, Dentistry and the Health Sciences; and Science. The campus has many centers of excellence, and will provide opportunities for students to access a vast range of courses. Of special interest, given the popularity of Australia as a destination for many of our natural sciences majors, may be the options within the School of Earth and the Environment. Pacific students will have access to all undergraduate classes across all faculties, subject to meeting prerequisites. Students will typically take 4 classes per semester, worth 4 credits each. Classes are continuously assessed, with 40-60% of the final grade determined by assignments and tests given during the term, with the balance accounted for by the final exam. Class structure follows the lecture/tutorial model with lectures supplemented by small-group discussion sessions or labs. All lectures are videotaped and readily accessible online by students.

Housing and Meals

An unusual aspect of this program will be the opportunity that it provides our students to integrate fully within a residential college of UWA. These fully-catered residential colleges, which are modeled on the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, are living and learning communities that will enable students to experience a vibrant mix of academic, social, sporting, cultural, leadership and personal development opportunities. The colleges will offer supplementary tutorial sessions where the demand exists, and organize varied themed dinners, volunteer opportunities, sports, and music events during the year. The strong expectation is that students make academic work a priority, but balance their studies by engaging within the college community. An informal phone interview with the prospective residential college will be required, In most cases Pacific students will be housed at Trinity College, which enrolls 370 students annually, Trinity, which is set in spacious grounds next to the main campus, has excellent facilities, including an impressive gymnasium. Students will be accommodated in single rooms with shared bathrooms.


Minimum GPA:  3.00

Must have attended Pacific University full-time for at least one semester.

Important Dates

  • Advising Appointment : During Fall Semester
  • Application Deadline : February 10.

Program Dates:

  • Semester II (approx. August - November) equalrs Fall semester at Pacific
  • Semester I (approx. February - June) equals Spring semester at Pacific

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