Study Abroad in Saga City, Japan


Program Information

Saga City, Japan, with a population of 170,000, is in northwestern Kyushu, a short distance from the major city of Fukuoka. It is located in the center of the Saga Plain, spread between Mt. Tenzan and Mt. Sefuri in the north, and the Inlet of the Ariake Sea in the south. Saga Plain, one of the largest plains in Japan, is one of the country's leading grain producing regions. The area is also well known for its extensive seaweed production and is a major ceramics center.

Every year in the beginning of November, the Saga International Balloon Fiesta is held. This takes place just outside of Saga City along the Kase River. A special event that this Balloon Fiesta is known for is the Night of Hot Air Balloons. In the evening, special shaped balloons, which are tethered and inflated, are lit in a choreographed manner.

Saga University consists of five faculties: Culture and Education, Economics, Medicine, Science & Engineering, and Agriculture. Total enrollment at Saga University is approximately 7,500, including undergraduate, graduate and research students. The university is especially known for its research focus on environmental and energy issues.


Students participating in the Saga program will enroll for a full academic year in the Saga University Program for Academic Exchange (known as SPACE). SPACE is a special program designed for international students who have been accepted from affiliated universities around the world to study: 1) specialty courses in English offered from the Department of Science and Engineering, Agricultural Sciences, Economics, Culture and Education, and Medicine; and 2) Japanese language. The academic program typically combines lectures with tutorials. Classes in the sciences tend to be small and students are expected to study very independently. Assessment is usually based on one or two major projects and/or a final exam.

Housing and Meals

Saga University will assist participants in securing reasonably priced self-catered accommodations close to the university. Prices typically range from $200 to $400 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. Students will be directly responsible for rent payments and meals (and therefore, will not be assessed room and board fees by Pacific University).


  • Minimum GPA : 2.75
  • Language : Must have completed level 102* of college Japanese.

*For students fulfilling the requirements of a language major or minor, or the International Studies major, the completion of 202 or equivalent in the appropriate language and a 3.0 GPA average in language classes are required prior to beginning the program. 

  • Must have attended Pacific University full-time for at least one semester.

Important Dates

  • Advising Appointment : During Fall Semester
  • Application Deadline : February 10

Program Dates :

  • Fall: Early October until end of May
  • Spring: Early April until end of September

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