Admission Requirements | BSVS Degree Option

Pacific University is dedicated to finding and educating the best future practitioners. Pacific acknowledges the non-traditional route to the optometric profession and is excited to offer a bachelor’s degree in Vision Science completion option for those who will not obtain a bachelor’s degree prior to enrollment.

If you are intending to apply to Pacific University College of Optometry without earning a bachelor's degree prior to intended year of entry, please fill out the College of Optometry Bachelor Degree Option Unofficial Prerequisite Worksheet (pdf) and send it in for review.

Applicants seeking admission under the bachelor's degree-completion option need to meet all regular requirements and complete the regular admissions process. The applicant must have completed all the regular prerequisite coursework, including a minimum of 90 semester credits from an accredited college or university with the following courses:

  • 35 semester credits in the natural sciences from at least two of the following disciplines:  biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics
  • 12 semester credits in the humanities from at least two of the following disciplines: art, English, history, humanities, languages, music, philosophy, religion, speech and theater
  • 12 semester credits in the social sciences from at least two of the following disciplines: anthropology, business, cultural studies, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology and sociology

If an applicant is admitted under the bachelor’s degree completion option, they will automatically earn credit towards a bachelor’s degree during their first year in the optometry program.  After successful completion of all coursework taken during the first year of the standard curriculum while enrolled in the College of Optometry, they will be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Vision Science (BSVS) degree from Pacific University and will complete the optometry program as any other student.

There is no separate application process for applicants applying through the bachelor’s degree completion option. 

Contact Us

For BSVS degree application or applicants currently enrolled in the Pacific University College of Optometry program, please contact:

Caitlin Biddulph | Assistant Director of Graduate and Professional Admissions                    
Hillsboro Campus Building 2, 192 | 503-352-7222 |
Toll-free: 1-800-933-9308