Concentration in Interprofessional Education

The Concentration in Interprofessional Education is a unique opportunity available to students at Pacific University. Students who pursue interprofessional education experiences, beyond the standards required for graduation by their degree program, can apply for this formal recognition. The Concentration is documented on transcripts as a specialization that emphasizes competencies gained in interprofessional education, which is beneficial in a competitive job market.

Prerequisites / Corequisites

To earn the Concentration in Interprofessional Education, students must have successfully completed or concurrently complete:

  • The Interprofessional Competence Course (IPC): Foundations of Interprofessional Practice (CHP 415-515)
  • Two (2) Interprofessional Case Conferences (ICCs)

Students also must complete:

  • Four (4) additional different interprofessional experiences. Each experience must align with one of the operational definitions from the IPEC's Core competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice, exceed standards for interprofessional education set by students' degree program, and vary in nature to enhance development as a collaborative health professional. 

Qualifying Examples of Interprofessional Experiences

  • Successful completion of an approved CHP Interprofessional Elective Course
    • Note: Healthcare Spanish does not count toward the Concentration
  • Participation in Aphasia Camp Northwest
  • Participation in any of the following:
    • International Service trip, such as Peru
    • Interprofessional Diabetes Clinic (IDC)
    • Compassion Tigard
    • Project Homeless Connect

Pre-Requisite check-off list, must be filled out by school's IPEP representative before you can register for the Concentration. Please see below for the list of IPEP committee members. 

Note: Students enroll in the IPE elective during the semester they are ready to submit their Concentration in Interprofessional Education Application. Prerequisites can be completed while concurrently enrolled in the course, but students must complete all requirements before they can submit their application.


Contact Information

Faculty in the contact list below can provide students from their school with information about the Concentration and assistance in identifying interprofessional experiences.

Master of Social Work - Del Quest

School of Athletic Training - Jeff Kawaguchi

School of Audiology - David Brown

School of Communication Sciences & Disorders - Marcia Frost

School of Dental Hygiene Studies - Kathryn Bell

School of Graduate Psychology - Shahana Koslofsky

School of Healthcare Administration & Leadership - Katherine Parker

School of Occupational Therapy - Sarah Foidel

School of Optometry - Michela Kenning

School of Pharmacy - Maddie Fry

School of Physical Therapy - Jeff Kawaguchi

School of Physician Assistant Studies - Alison McLellan


Concentration in IPE Course Coordinator

Amber McIlwain |