Cost & Financial Aid for the Dental Hygiene (BSDH)

Estimated Dental Hygiene Program Costs 2021-2022
Tuition per Academic Year $33,657
Student Membership — ADHA & HDA $300
Insurance — Student Health and Personal Liability $3,355
Books, Instruments, Loupes, Scrubs $7,350
Laptop Computer $2,000
Immunizations (estimated cost) $700
Background Check, Drug test and Immunization Tracking $125
University Student Support Services Fee $304

All of the above are estimated expenses and subject to change.

Financial Aid

Need-based aid in the form of grants, loans, work-study and other funding is available to those who demonstrate financial need. More information is available from the Financial Aid Office.

The following sources of financial aid are available to full-time dental health science students, though not all students will receive all types.

Federal Work-Study

These funds allow eligible students to work on campus or in the community. Indicate your interest when filling out the FAFSA application.

Federal Loans

Federal loans are available to United States citizens and eligible noncitizens who are enrolled at least half-time in a degree program at Pacific University. Eligibility is determined by the information you provide on the FAFSA. A Repayment Estimator is available at

Subsidized Federal Direct Loan

Eligibility for the subsidized Federal Direct Loan is based on financial need, as determined by the information submitted on the FAFSA. The loan principal is deferred, and the government pays the interest on the loan while borrowers are enrolled at least half-time.

Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan

The unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan is available to students who file the FAFSA and meet general federal student aid eligibility requirements, regardless of financial need. The loan principal may be deferred, but interest accrues once the loan is disbursed.

Interest Rate, Fees & Repayment

  • The new interest rates starting on July 1, 2020 are the following for each loan type:
    • Direct Subsidized Loans and Direct Unsubsidized Loans (Undergraduate Borrower) - 2.75%
    • Direct Unsubsidized Loans (Graduate Borrower) - 4.30%
    • Direct PLUS Loans (Parent/Graduate Borrowers) - 5.30%
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Interest paid may be tax-deductible
  • Fees of 1.069% are deducted from the loan when disbursed to the school.
  • Standard 10-year repayment begins six months after graduation, or ceasing to be enrolled at least half-time. Other repayment options may be available and are described at
  • Deferment, cancellation, forbearance, forgiveness, and discharge information is available at


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