End of Fall Semester & Winter Term Housing Process

These pages will be updated in November 2019 for 2019-20. 

What are your plans for Winter Term and Spring Semester? Please be sure to read and follow the instructions under the topic headings below that meets your Fall/Winter housing plans.

Questions? Contact the Housing Office.

Leaving University Housing after Fall Semester?
Leaving University Housing after Winter Term?
Registered for Winter Term and/or Spring Semester?
Need Holiday Break Housing?

Request a Residency Waiver

Approved to Check Out

Housing Calendar

Request a Residency Waiver

Approved to Check Out

Room & Meal Plan Billing

Housing Calendar

Housing Information

Meal Plan Reminder

Housing Calendar

Holiday Break Housing

Housing Calendar

Leaving University Housing After Fall Semester or Winter Term

If you will NOT reside in University housing after the Fall semester or after Winter term you must notify the Housing Office via email by Nov. 26 at 12:00 noon with your reason for leaving and which term (Fall/2018 or Winter/2019) you intend to check out of housing. Please note: If you check-out of your room in January there are housing costs involved.

You must meet one of the criteria below in order to be released from your housing contract.

Approved to Check Out

If you are approved to check-out of your room because you are graduating, studying abroad or are withdrawing from the University, you will receive an approval email from the Housing Office with instructions of what you need to do to check out of your room. You must complete the following steps:

  1. You must set up an appointment with your Resident Assistant to learn more about the check-out process.
  2. You must check out of your room by the dates listed on the calendar below. These steps must be completed in order to avoid any fines as stated on page 9 and 10 in the Residence Hall Handbook.
  3. You will continue to be billed for room and meal plan until you have completed the check-out process. Once completed, your student account will be updated appropriately.

Request a Residency Waiver

Housing contracts are binding for the full academic year. If you wish to move off campus you must submit a Residency Waiver Request, and the request must be approved by the Residency Options Committee. Students moving off campus without committee approval may be held responsible for payment of both room and meal plan costs through the end of the academic year.

Download a Residency Waiver Request (pdf) form.

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Registered for Winter Term and/or Spring Semester

You DO NOT need to inform the Housing Office of your plans if you are or are not enrolled in a Winter term course, as long as you will be returning to your room for the Spring semester. You may leave your belongings in your room.

  • The residence halls open at 12:00 noon on January 5.
  • Meal service resumes with dinner on January 5.
  • The Fall meal plan ends on January 12 and the spring meal plan begins on January 13.
    • Fall block meals will not transfer to the Spring semester but Fall declining balance will transfer. 
  • Meal plan changes are allowed during the first two weeks of Spring semester (January 28 - February 8). Changes must be requested using the Meal Plan Change Form in the Student Life Office during this time period.

Room & Meal Plan Billing Information

Room charges and meal plans are billed to student accounts on a two-semester basis which includes Winter term for students who resided in on-campus housing during Fall 2018 and will reside in on-campus housing for Spring 2019.

The billing is different for students who do not reside in on-campus housing for the entire academic year. Note: No room refund will be issued for Winter term and Spring semester rent may be prorated

Students with the following scenarios will be charged the weekly rate for their room type and meal plan (if applicable) on a prorated basis for the month of January:

  • Students who were housed during the Fall semester are approved by the Housing Office to vacate housing during the month of January.
  • Students who were not housed during the Fall semester and are checking into campus housing during the month of January.

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End of Fall 2018/Winter 2019 Housing Calendar

Nov 26 | Email housing status changes, and/or submit Holiday Break Housing Application to the Housing Office by 12:00 noon.

Dec 3 | Residency Waiver requests are due to the Housing Office by 5 p.m.

Dec 4 | Residency Options Committee begins review of Residency Waiver requests.

Dec 7 | Residency Options Committee decisions will be sent by university email by 10 a.m.

Dec 7 | Holiday Break Housing confirmation will be sent by university email by 12 noon.

Dec 13 | Residence Halls close at 10 a.m. for winter break for all students unless a request to stay during winter break has been approved by the Housing Office.

Dec 13 | Students not returning to Pacific, graduating, studying abroad, or have been approved to move off campus after Fall semester must be checked out and have all belongings out of their residential space by 10 a.m.

Jan 5 | Residence Halls re-open at 12:00 noon. Regular meal service resumes with dinner.

Jan 7 | Winter Term classes begin.

Jan 23 | Students not returning to Pacific for Spring semester, graduating, studying abroad, or have been approved to move off campus after Winter term must be checked out and have all belongings out of their residential space by 10 a.m.

Jan 23 | Housing opens at 7 p.m. for new or re-admitted students.

Jan 28 | Spring semester classes begin.

Jan 28 - Feb 8 | Meal Plan changes accepted through the Housing Office (two weeks only).

Feb 11 - Mar 13 | Spring Room Change Period. Room Change Request Forms accepted by the Housing Office until March 13 by 12:00 noon.

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