Office of Student Support

The Office of Student Support offers a nurturing environment that is conducive to student success. We provide assistance, intervention, and referrals to all students facing challenges that interfere with their ability to thrive. 

Computer Request Form
Request to borrow a computer or other technology to support your academics during COVID-19.

Support At Pacific
Report concerns about personal safety, sexual misconduct, harassment, bias or other matters.

Care Report
Report concerns about a student (academic, mental health, social/emotional)

These can include: mental health, physical health, academics, finances, substance abuse, crime victims, or social and emotional well-being.

Our staff uses direct contact to ensure that students are happy, healthy, and connected to all appropriate resources both on and off campus. The office also coordinates university-wide efforts to support students of high concern and offers consultation to faculty, parents, and community members. We embrace our duty to serve all students towards achieving excellence throughout their academic career.

COVID-19 Resources for Students


  • We serve as neutral support personnel outside of the academic programs. 
  • We act to ensure an equitable college experience to those who may have been historically disadvantaged.
  • We offer guidance to students around understanding their rights, options, and resources.


Contact Us

Justin Li | Student Support Manager | 503-352-2078

Hillsboro Campus Office Hours: Mondays 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and Thursdays 9 a.m. to noon

Sara Pitkanen | Student Support Specialist for Optometry, MAT, and CSD programs and Professional Student Senate Advisor | 503-352-2109

Jonathon Hyde | Dean of Students | 503-352-2120