Curriculum | Master of Social Work

Foundation Year One*
 Course Number Course Title Credits
SocWk 501 Social Welfare & Social Work 3
SocWk 521 Human Behavior & the Social Environment (HBSE) 3
SocWk 533 Generalist Practice I - Social Work with Individuals 3
SocWk 541 Foundation Field Practicum I 4
SocWk 561 Influencing Social Policy 3
  Total Credits 16
SocWk 511 Human Rights & Social Justice 3
SocWk 534 Generalist Practice II - Social Work with Families & Groups 3
SocWk 535 Generalist Practice III - Social Work in Communities 3
SocWk 542 Foundation Field Practicum II 4
SocWk 551 Research Methods 3
  Total Credits 16
Concentration Year 
SocWk 600 Advanced Standing Prep** 1
SocWk 611 Latino Families & Cultures 3
SocWk 619 Program Evaluation  3
SocWk 643 Advanced Field Practicum III 4
SocWk 661 Mental Health Diagnosis 3
SocWk 671 Advanced Therapeutic Approaches  3
  Total Credits 16
SocWk 631 Immersion in Latin America (pre-requisites: SocWk 601 & 611) 3
  Total Credits 3
SocWk 6XX MSW Administration & Portfolio  3
SocWk 644 Advanced Field Practicum IV 4
  Electives*** (choose three)  
SocWk 652 Social Ecology of Wellness (HW) 3
SocWk 682 Global Health & Preventive Practice (LFC) 3
SocWk 684 Grief and Loss (HW) 3
SocWk 685 Beyond the Cycle of Violence (LFC) 3
SocWk 687 Addictions and Society (HW) 3
SocWk 690 Suicide in Marginalized Populations (LFC) 3
  Total Credits 16

*Students who have completed a BSW degree within five years prior to beginning the MSW program may apply for Advanced Standing status and, if accepted, waive the entire (first) Foundation Year of the curriculum. After taking SocWk 600, they begin the program in Year 2 (the Concentration Year). Only students possessing a BSW degree from a CSWE accredited program may be admitted to advanced standing status.

**SocWk 600 is required for “Advanced Standing” students who have not been enrolled in a BSW program a year or longer prior to the fall of their Concentration Year in the MSW program.

***Second-year students may choose of any electives for their spring semester. Elective courses are marked by concentration: "LFC" for Latino Families & Culture and "HW" for Health & Wellness.  Selecting 2 of 3 within a concentration category determines the student's chosen concentration.