Application Requirements | Clinical Psychology PhD

The application for our 2024 cohort is NOW OPEN! 


Requirements for Admission

  • Satisfactory Completion of a Bachelor's Degree: A grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.3 during the last two years of study is desirable.
  • General Graduate Record Examination (GRE): The GRE is optional for our PhD candidates. We do not require the GRE in order to apply. If you have scores and would like them to be considered as part of your application profile, please submit them with your application. Please note that by not submitting scores, you are in no way, hurting or negatively affecting your application.  
  • Strong Undergraduate Background in Psychology: A psychology major is not required; however, math-based Statistics, Research Methods and Abnormal Psychology courses are required prerequisites. These prerequisite courses must be completed with a "B-" or above before a student can matriculate into the program. These prerequisites do not need to be complete when application is submitted. 

Recommended Courses

In addition, we recommend the following courses: 

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Cognition/Learning
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Social Psychology