The Collective for Diversity and Social Justice

Pacific students partnered with the Hillsboro School District and Providence Medical Group in June 2019 for Hillsboro Track Day to support students from low SES schools.The Collective for Diversity and Social Justice is a group of students, employees and community members associated with the Pacific University School of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training. Working in collaboration with an alumni advisor, faculty advisor, student members, community youth and program leadership and faculty, The Collective seeks to create a safe and empowering space for minorities in the school, to improve cultural responsiveness of the program, and to serve as role models and support interest in the physical therapy profession among community youth.

The Collective meets twice a semester and hosts at least one annual event.


The Collective will intentionally facilitate equity by advocating for inclusion, awareness, diversity, and social justice for marginalized individuals within the Pacific PT program, PT profession, and the community.


We, The Collective, stand with the Interprofessional Student Diversity Group’s mission:

Our mission is to equip future [PTs] to serve culturally diverse communities, and provide a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for marginalized in [the DPT program]. We shall achieve this by promoting continuous critical self reflection; advocating for the increase of culturally relevant education and training [within the DPT program]; and building bridges between students, faculty/administration, and larger community.