Adult Emphasis Ambassadors

Courtney Quiroz

Brent Felnagle

4th year | PsyD Program | Adult Emphasis


Undergraduate Institution | Gonzaga University

Hometown | Tacoma, Washington

Why I chose Pacific | I chose Pacfic University based on its focus in helping students become competent clinical psychologists. In addition, the opportunity for students to find specific sub disciplines (sport psychology for me) that they are interested in and tailoring their clinical experiences based on these interests. Finally, I would choose Pacific University again based on the people. The community is what makes the university truly special. 

Favorite PsyD Course | Basic Clinical skills. This has been my favorite course because it is the first time where you get to begin flexing your therapist muscles. This also was an opportunity to get to know my cohort in a much deeper and meaningful way. The course was just the right amount of support while also asking us to push our boundaries so that we can grow as students.

Hobbies | I am very active and enjoy playing most sports, hiking, and creeping on dogs (I love dogs but unfortunately do not have one...YET). I enjoy spending time socially, exploring breweries and getting to know people. I also love the electric scooters downtown and would use them as my primary mode of transportation if I could... Is that a hobby? 

Mykola Zubko 

4th Year | PsyD Program | Adult Emphasis


Undergraduate Institution | UC Davis

Hometown | Nipomo, Calif.

Why I chose Pacific | Pacific had a lot wonderful qualities about it such as the resources that are available to you here. I cared a lot about getting exposed to different theoretical orientations, having access to literature, and interventions. The fact that this area also has 120+ breweries was a factor. 

Favorite PsyD course | Psychometrics: It is one thing for you to read someone elses research, and it is another thing entirely to know how much you should trust the findings. It is incredible how much research is published and very little is replicated, so knowing how to parse out potentially good or bad publications is crucial in our field.

Hobbies | I enjoy hiking, playing with my cats, traveling, reading, board games, escape rooms, learning languages, getting lost in the rabbithole of Youtube, and cooking.