Counseling Appointments

Pacific Student Counseling Center


Forest Grove Clinic 

2142 College Way | 503-352-2191

Walk-in:  Tuesday 12pm - 1pm (Urgent care, no appointment needed)

By Appointment:

Tuesday                 9am - 5pm


Hillsboro Clinic

730 SE Oak St, Ste. D | 503-352-2658

Walk-in: Monday - Thursday 12pm - 1pm  (urgent care, no appointment needed)

By Appointment:

Monday             9am - 5pm

Tuesday             9am - 5pm

Wednesday         9am - 5pm

Thursday            9am - 5pm


In case of mental health emergency, please call Washington County Crisis line at 503-291-9111.

To schedule an appointment or for information call 503-352-2191.

At the first appointment, referred to as an Initial Consultation, students are asked to complete two forms. During the initial consultation at the SCC, the counselor works with the client to clarify and assess concerns and determine the options available. The mission of the SCC is to provide time-effective assistance with problems in living that interfere with students' academic success. When more intensive or specialized service is required to meet a client's needs, the counselor will discuss with the client if extended care can be managed within this agency or if referral alternatives within the community would be more appropriate.

By the end of the initial assessment clients may expect to gain at least three things: 1) some idea of the goals the client and the counselor believe reasonable to work toward; 2) a general plan for getting to that goal; and 3) some idea of the length of time that may be needed to work toward your goal.