Student Support Services

Student Support Services provides support and resources so that undergraduate, graduate and professional students can think, care, create and pursue justice in our world without barriers to their academic success. Our primary mission is student success.

Graduate and Professional Student Services

Student Support Services (previously the Office of Graduate and Professional Student Services) provides resources for all graduate and professional students on all four campuses and online programs.

We are advisors to the Professional Student Senate (PSS).

Undergraduate Student Services

Student Support Services connects undergraduate students to a variety of offices and resources.


  • We are process advisors and support persons for students going through review for academics or unprofessional conduct — we will guide you through every step of any of these processes
  • We can help students navigate conflicts that they are experiencing with faculty or peers
  • We act as neutral support personnel outside of your degree program; we don't grade you or evaluate your performance


  • We support skill building to improve academics (time management, study strategies, test taking, etc.)
  • We provide guidance and resources (both internal and external to the university) for students who have personal struggles that interfere with academic success
  • We can provide information about policies and procedures in your program and at the university
  • We are always happy to answer general questions to ease your navigation of the university

Faculty and Administrators

  • Strong working relationships with faculty and program administrators are essential for student success
  • We are a referral option for faculty who are working with students of concern
  • If a student needs help and is uncomfortable talking with faculty, we are a great option because of our neutral role outside of the program
  • We can provide guidance on how other programs create policy or deal with difficult situations

Contact Us

Justin Li | Student Support Manager

Report concerns about personal safety, sexual misconduct, harassment, bias or other matters.