My Performance

At Pacific, we value the opportunity to learn and grow. 

After 90 days with the university, new employees receive an orientation period review. 

Annual performance evaluations also are part of our process of continuous improvement.

Each year, staff members will be asked to complete a self-assessment and review their goals and accomplishments from the previous year. Supervisors will complete a parallel evaluation and goal review for each employee.

  • Upload completed and fully signed review forms (manager and individual together) by Aug. 15, 2023
    • Name the document: Employee last name, employee first name
  • Changes to current Position Descriptions should be sent to

Employees and supervisors will meet to discuss the review forms and to set goals for the next performance cycle.

This annual review period also is the time to review and update job descriptions to ensure that expectations, responsibilities and compensation is appropriate for each university staff member.

The annual review process is an important part of aligning staff members’ day-to-day work with the mission and strategic plan of the university. It also can be a fulfilling process that helps each individual grow in their careers.