Ian O'Loughlin, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department Chair
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Drake House 201 (Forest Grove)
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Research Interests

My primary research is in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science.  The dissertation I recently completed attempts to develop a clearer understanding of some of the ways that our present models of human memory fall short, and to develop alternative approaches to memory and cognition that can more aptly characterize what it means to be a human thinker and rememberer.   I have published or presented work on a number of topics related to these issues in cognitive science and philosophical psychology—memory models, amnesia, nonlinguistic memory, embodied cognition, cognitive bias, dynamic systems, artificial intelligence, and neural networks—as well as work on a number of topics outside of mind and cognitive science—philosophy of logic, language, interdisciplinary science, friendship, scientific realism, Aristotle, Arendt, Epicurus, and Wittgenstein.  There are few, if any, areas of philosophy that I don't find fascinating.


PhD Philosophy (Philosophy of Cognitive Science, History of Modern Phil.), University of Iowa, 2014
MA Philosophy (Philosophy of Logic, History of Ancient Phil.), University of Idaho, 2008
BA Philosophy, (Philosophy, Physics) University of Minnesota at Morris, 1999


Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy of Science
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Ancient Philosophy
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