Julie Layshock, PhD

Assistant Professor
UC Box 
Murdock Hall 106 (Forest Grove)

Course Information

At Pacific University, all faculty teach a variety of different courses. Typically, we do not use graduate teaching assistants, which means that your classes will be taught by professors and that you will have plenty of opportunities to get to know the faculty in your discipline.

Below I have listed some of the courses that I teach. We are always developing and trying out new classes, so the list may change now and then.

CHEM 230 | General Chemistry II & Lab

CHEM 340 | Quantitative Analysis

CHEM 341 | Quantitative Analysis Lab

CHEM 361 | Lab Techniques Env Toxicology & Chem

CHEM 444 | Instrumental Methods of Analysis & Lab

CHEM 460 | Environmental Chemistry

CHEM 486 | Capstone Research

CHEM 495 | Research


PhD in Molecular and Environmental Toxicology, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR in 2010

BS in Forensic Science Toxicology, John Jay College, City University of New York, NY in 2005

Research Interests

I am interested in chemical contaminant monitoring and assessment of human exposure routes for chemicals of concern. Because the environment is vast and complex, research topics include air quality monitoring, pesticide toxicity testing, analysis of chemicals in consumer products, and environmental forensics among other topics. I am also committed to green chemistry principles and develop new analytical methods that enable research to be conducted in an environmentally friendly manner.

Students currently working in my lab are measuring contaminants in products and environmental samples in order to understand how chemicals move, accumulate, and transform under natural conditions. Students collect environmental samples, learn sample processing techniques, and explore, refine, and develop green methods of chemical analysis. 


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Selected presentations:

Layshock, JA, Taha, R 2013. Characterizing Bio Oil Composition from an Environmental Forensics Perspective, SETAC, North America 33rd Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN

Layshock, JA, Usher, C, Pala F, 2013. Wax Ester Emollients in Personal Care Products, SETAC, North America 33rd Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN

Layshock, JA , Benotti, M, Thorn, J, 2013. Maximizing the Detection of Petroleum Biomarkers in Sediment by Optimizing Cleanup Methods, Remediation of Contaminated Sediments Conference, Dallas, TX

Layshock, JA, Van Cuyk, SM, Brown, M, Omberg, KM et al 2011. Outdoor Biological Reaerosolization: Current Knowledge and a Path Forward,  AAAR 30th Annual Conference, Orlando, FL           

Layshock, JA, Simonich, SM, Anderson, KA 2010.  Ketone and Quinone Profiles from Remote and Urban Atmospheres, Oral Presentation at SETAC, North America 31st Annual Meeting, Portland, OR

Layshock, JA 2010 Air Quality by PAH and PM Concentrations, Keynote Speaker at 3rd Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium, John Jay College, New York, NY

Layshock, JA, Wilson, G, Anderson, KA 2009. Oxy-PAHs in Environmentally Relevant Matrices, SETAC, North America 30th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA

Layshock, JA, Allan, SA, Anderson, KA 2009. Methods to Quantify Oxy-PAHs in the Environment, NIEHS Annual Meeting, Superfund Basic Research, New York, NY

Layshock, JA, Simonich, SM, Anderson, KA 2009. Carcinogenic PAHs in Beijing Air and Implications for Risk Assessment, Pacific Northwest SETAC Regional Meeting, Port Townsend, WA

Layshock, JA 2008 PAHs and Particulate Matter: A Closer Look at US and Chinese Atmospheres, SETAC, North America 29th Annual Meeting, Tampa, FL

Layshock, JA, Simonich, SM 2007. Genotoxicities of Chinese Particulate Matter: Contributions of Particulate Bound Nitro and Oxy Substituted Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons SETAC, North America 28th Annual Meeting: Urban Environmental Issues, Milwaukee, WI