Lily Tsang

Assistant Professor
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UC Box: A142
Carnegie Hall 101A (Forest Grove)
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About Professor Tsang

I graduated from Soochow University in Taipei, Taiwan with a bachelor’s degree in Chinese literature. In order to help fulfill my dream of becoming a teacher and to continue pursuit of my passion for the Chinese language, I continued my education at the University of Missouri (Mizzou) in Columbia, Missouri. My graduate area of study was curriculum and instruction. During the two years of study in Mizzou’s Education program, I gained a great amount of experiences selecting, designing, and evaluating teaching materials meant for a variety of students and language abilities.

For more than 21 years, I have been teaching Mandarin as both a heritage language and as a foreign language. As an instructor, I have had the privilege of combining my knowledge of the Chinese language with my passion for the language and teaching. Even with a background in teaching, I continuously equip myself as an educator by participating in professional workshops, seminars, and related programs in Taiwan, China, and the United States to further enhance my knowledge in the field of language instruction. In addition to teaching, one of the ways I like to contribute my ideas and insights is through my writing. Writing is a medium in which my ideas, insights, and philosophies can become public domain. 

I also routinely enjoy channeling my artistic side. I have always appreciated the beauty of the Chinese arts, specifically Chinese calligraphy and painting. My love for Chinese art and culture has allowed me to learn from other teachers and practice my art with other peers and students. Learning, practicing, and teaching Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, and the Chinese harp is a wonderful form of meditation, which I believe can inspire my ideas in the arts. If I have some free time, it is likely that you’ll find me either painting, writing calligraphy, or practicing the Chinese harp. In addition, I enjoy going to the Portland Chinese Garden to explore the vibrant scenery.


Courses Taught

CHIN 101 Intro to Chinese Language & Culture

CHIN 102 Intro to Chinese Language & Culture, continuation of 101

CHIN 201 Intermediate Chinese

CHIN 202 Intermediate Chinese, continuation of 102

CHIN 301 Communicating in Chinese

CHIN 305 Chinese Reading and Writing