Olivia Alcaire

Olivia Alcaire

Pre-Enrollment & Outreach Coordinator

Olivia has worked in higher education since 2003, and enjoys supporting students entering, transferring, and graduating.

As a "jack of all trades," Olivia has served roles in admissions, academic advising, orientation, career services, corrections (prison) education, and teaching. Olivia has worked hard to develop diversity, equity, and inclusive skills necessary to support all students and their families.

Olivia earned her BA/MA in History from PSU and an EdM in Adult Education from OSU, and is currently completing her EdD in Education Leadership at PSU. Olivia has taught Chicano/Latino Studies at Portland State. At PCC, Olivia has taught Mexican History, US History, and currently teaches College Success.

Olivia loves Oregon forests and beaches, gardening, drawing/coloring, reading, and some cooking. Olivia loves Oregon, and cares about climate change. One of Olivia's favorite authors, Barry Lopez, reminds us of the relationship between humans and animals, and the ongoing need to protect our ecosystems for our survival.