Assistant Lacrosse Coach Shares Story of Perseverance

Thuy WilliamsThuy Williams, assistant coach of the Boxers’ women’s lacrosse team, recently shared her story in Behind the Whistle, the official blog of the IWLCA, and in U.S. Lacrosse Magazine. 

Williams was diagnosed with a degenerative muscle disorder and was told 20 years ago that the chronic pain would eventually confine her to bed. 

“At that time, I came up with my list of ‘Whys.’ Why would I not spend the rest of my life in bed? Why would I get up in the morning when my muscles choose not to work? Why live life when each moment is full of pain?” she wrote.

Today, she’s still getting up every day, and when life is hard — as it has been for so many in this past year — she comes back to her “why.”

“I encourage each of you to have three ‘Whys’ that will encourage you to keep fighting, keep caring and keep moving,” she wrote.

Friday, April 2, 2021