Become a Zoom Learning Expert

Interested in getting the most out of Zoom this spring?

Students are invited to join an upcoming workshop to learn more. We’ll show you how to use Zoom like a pro in all of your classes. We’ll also show you how you can use Zoom to chat with your friends, meet with clubs, and set up study groups. Sessions are available:

Technical Information Regarding Zoom Accounts

When You Need to Log In

Most meetings you’ll join as a student will not require you to log in with a Zoom account. You’ll only need to click on the Zoom link that was sent to you, or go to your Zoom app or the webpage, go to Join, and enter the meeting ID you were given.  When you join this way, you’ll get a chance to enter what name you’ll appear under in the meeting.

You’ll only need to log in to a zoom account if you are either: the host has chosen to restrict the meeting to logged in users; or if you are going to be the one hosting the meeting.

Obtaining a Zoom Account

When you log into with your PUNetID and password, a free Zoom account will automatically be created for you. This account can join and host meetings, but is limited to 40 minutes for meetings with three or more participants. To request your free account be upgraded to a licensed host account so you can host longer meetings, just email

Getting Help With Zoom

The Technology Helpdesk is here to provide live help to any student who is having trouble in Zoom. Currently we have live support from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekends. To get help, call 503-352-1500 and leave a voicemail with your callback number (we strive to return all calls within 15 minutes) or join our live help session in Zoom at

How to Access a Zoom Meeting or Class Session and Tips

Getting to Zoom for the First Time

In most cases, your professor will provide you with a link to for your Zoom class meeting. To access the meeting, simply click on the link. 

When you click on the link, Zoom will open your default web browser and ask you if you would like to download Zoom or to use your web browser. When you are given this option, you should click “Download and Run Zoom” to download the application. After Zoom downloads, follow the directions on your computer to install the application. You will only need to install Zoom once.

Once the app is installed, a window will pop up and you will be asked to if you want to join the meeting with video. Choose “Join with Video.” Next, you’ll the be asked if you want to join with audio. Click on the big blue button that says “Join with Computer Audio.” If you don’t want to be prompted for this the next time you join, check the box that says, “Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting.”

Once you do all of this you’ll be taken automatically to your class meeting.

Getting to Zoom the Second Time (and All Times Thereafter!)

The next time you follow a link to Zoom, you may be prompted to “Open app.” Just click on the  “Open app” button to be taken to your class meeting. Just be aware that you will have to follow the steps to join your video and audio again.

Using Zoom Like a Pro in Your Classes

Probably the most important thing to know how to do in Zoom is muting and unmuting your microphone. To do so, look for the microphone icon on the toolbar at the bottom of your screen. Simply click on this icon to mute or unmute your microphone. (When the microphone has a red line through it, you are muted). It's a good idea to have your microphone muted whenever you are not speaking.

There are a three other buttons at the bottom of the screen that you'll want to use. 

  1. The "Chat" button opens a window that lets you send a text message to your entire class. 
  2. The "Share" button lets you share whatever is on your computer screen with the rest of the class — this is really important if your professor asks you to do a presentation. 
  3. The last button is the "Participants" button. This button opens a window that shows everyone who is in the session. And, at the bottom of the participants window, you'll see a button to raise your hand — you may want to use this to let your professor know you have a question.

That's it. With those few tools, you are ready to participate in your classes like a pro!

For additional Information on Getting Started with Zoom please visit the Zoom Tutorials Site

Thursday, April 2, 2020