Boxer Love Story: Barbara (Scanland) Fiscalini '63 and Gene Fiscalini '63

Barbara was a shy PK (preacher's kid) from the big city of Los Angeles.

Gene was an outgoing high school yell leader from a small town, Salida, Calif.

Barbara and Gene were both involved in their Congregational church activities. It was a time when going to school in Oregon was very popular. Barbara didn’t want to go so far away from home where she knew no one. Gene had many friends from church camp who were going to go to Pacific and it sounded like fun. It was through these friends that they met as freshmen in 1959. After many ups and downs and both leaving Pacific to graduate from other universities in southern Calif., they were married in 1964. On Feb. 7, 2014, a week before Valentine’s Day, they celebrated 50 years of marriage.

“We always stop to remember our friends and fun times at Pacific where it all began,” said Barbara.

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Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015