Boxer Love Story: Marge (Putman) Lanthier '60 and Herb Berreth OD '60

Her junior year at Pacific, Marge (Putman) Lanthier '60 met Herb Berreth OD '60, an optometry student living in the Forest Grove Fire Hall. As a volunteer fireman, she believed he had free room and board. It seems Herb was trying to decide who to take to his fraternity dinner dance and one of Marge's friends suggested he ask her, but first he wanted to know if she could dance, so he invited her out for an evening of dancing. Marge passed the test and he invited her to his fraternity dinner dance, and the rest was history!

The couple dated for nearly one-year and were married between terms their senior year. They decided on Feb. 7 because graduation time was going to be hectic. Herb was getting a doctor of optometry degree, Marge was getting a bachelors degree, and they had invited all of his family to celebrate his doctorate.

After graduation they left on a month-long delayed honeymoon from Forest Grove to Mexico, then to New Orleans, on to the East Coast, up to Vermont, across the entire U.S. and back to Forest Grove where he did a one-year post doc in Children’s Vision.

Herb passed away in 1972.

Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2023