Boxer Love Story: Martha Calus-McLain '03 and Kyle McLain '10

Martha and Kyle met on a blind date during her senior year and have been together ever since.

Pacific has always been a part of their adventures, though Kyle did not officially become a Boxer until after the pair were married and Martha had returned to Pacific to work.

In their years together they've enjoyed many adventures, great travels, home ownership, parenthood and many, many alumni events.

The couple rang in 2005 at the wedding of another Boxer pair, Ryanne Pilgeram '03 and Russ Meeuf '03 with no notion they would bid farewell to 2005 at their own wedding. The wedding bells started ringing during their bicycle trip from Portland to San Francisco in summer  2005. The 800 mile trip took 11 days and was a great physical challenge as well as a challenge for their relationship. They endured the journey and were engaged a few months later followed quickly by a New Year's eve wedding.

Their favorite member of the class of 2033 arrived in spring 2011 and they welcomed another baby Boxer in spring 2013.

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Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014