Boxer Love Story: Ruth (King) Draper '57 and Paul Draper '54

Ruth, a frugal freshman, and Paul, a senior, both attended a college fellowship group. At the end of the time, the woman in charge noticed that three girls needed a ride home and Paul had a car so he was asked to provide transportation. Ruth knew one of the girls lived a ways off campus so she suggested it would be more fun if we all rode out to her place. That left Ruth the last one to be taken home. Paul asked her to go to a square dance the next Saturday. She accepted.

The next date was for a movie for which Paul paid, but after it was over and time for refreshments, he reached in his pocket and pulled out a roll of Lifesavers and said, "Would you like one?" Ruth knew this was a man who would be careful with money and everything else. Love bloomed from there. Ruth's mother had always said, "If he loves you he will wait until you graduate from college." Four years later, Ruth graduated one weekend and they were married the next. Next June 2 they will celebrate 57 years.

Paul Draper '54 passed away in 2019.

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Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014