Boxer Love Story: Stacy (Amano) Eyton '04 and Steve Eyton '04

Steven and Stacy first met at the infamous Alpha Zeta Anti-Valentine's Day dance in 2001.

 A few weeks later, Stacy was terribly sick and sleeping in bed when Steven came by room to say hi to her roommate.

“I wish I could say he fell in love with me first, but he fell in love with my computer!” said Stacy.

Stacy woke up, saw Steve on her computer and asked him if he could grab a Jell-O from the fridge for her.

“Not only did he get it, but he also got a spoon for it, and he opened it for me,” said Stacy.

From that moment on, they began spending lots of time together, fell in love, and got married in August 2004 overlooking the beach.

“Who would have thought that an Anti-Valentine's Day dance would have turned into love and happiness?”

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Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014