CESS Senior Director Celebrates Retirement with New Scholarship for Continuing Students

CESS Sr. Director Lois Hornberger with Boxer III statue at her retirement partyA new scholarship at Pacific University will support continuing undergraduate students who no longer receive federal work-study support.

The Dan and Lois Hornberger Endowed Scholarship will provide financial aid to juniors and seniors in good academic standing who have previously held work-study positions as part of their financial aid package and are no longer receiving that support.

Both Dan and Lois Hornberger have strong ties to Pacific. Dan studied at Pacific for three years, and Lois recently retired after working in Conference and Events Support Services at the university for the past 12 years.

To mark her retirement, Lois created the Dan and Lois Hornberger Endowed Scholarship using money she inherited from her mother.

“I wanted to set up this scholarship because over the years I’ve seen so many of our CESS student workers, who worked for us as freshmen and sophomores, lose their work-study support as juniors and seniors,” said Lois. “They’d stop working for CESS, or even stop attending Pacific altogether.”

The vast majority of undergraduate students at Pacific University receive financial assistance through a mixture of scholarships and federal aid. For many, it is the only way they can afford to attend college, and if they lose this financial support, they are no longer able to attend.

“I’ve known about this gap in financial support for years,” she said, “and there are so many scholarships for freshmen.” With the money she inherited from her mother, Lois finally could do something about this gap. “They need the support just as much as juniors and seniors as they did when freshman and sophomores,” said Lois.

“I want to see them stay in school and graduate.” 

Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2019