Changes in the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

To: Students, Faculty and Staff

From: Mark Ankeny, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs

During these past few months some important changes have been made in our division:

  1. With the renovation of the Washburne University Center (UC), many student life staff members previously in the UC, along with those who were previously housed in Scott Hall, have moved to the first and second floors of the east wing of Clark Hall. Having these offices in close proximity to one another and to students on the Forest Grove Campus will allow for greater synergy in meeting the needs of students across the university. (See the table below for a directory of Student Life staff and of office locations).
  2. We have established the Office of Hawai‘i Outreach and Programming. Effective Sept. 1, 2014, Edna Gehring will be the full-time director, thus, no longer directing the Office of Learning Support Services. In addition to working with students and parents, Edna will link programming efforts with the Hawai‘i Office in Honolulu.
  3. Kimberly Garrett will be serving as director of Learning Support Services for 2014-2015. We are in the process of hiring an LSS specialist to work with Kim in meeting the needs of students at all of our campuses.
  4. Karen Dunston has been promoted to assistant vice president for Enrollment Management, undergraduate admissions. In this role, she will continue leading the undergraduate admissions team but also expanding her role in helping with overall enrollment management, including working on retention issues.
  5. With the expansion to 17 professional programs in health, business and education, Jon-Erik Larsen has been promoted to assistant vice president for Enrollment Management, graduate/professional programs. He will continue to directly lead the admission teams to meet enrollment goals for these vastly different programs.
  6. Judy Flynn will be joining the Student Health Center in September. She is replacing Nancy Tuttle.
  7. Lori May has been promoted to lead nurse practitioner in the Student Health Center.
  8. Jared Begg will be joining the Residence Life staff as an area coordinator. Jared and his family will be arriving in September and will oversee McCormick and Walter halls.

Changes in Outback

After 20+ years of being known as the Outback, a new name has been chosen to more fully encompass all aspects of the activities the office promotes. The new name is Outdoor Pursuits. Staffing remains the same: Phil Zook Friesen is the director of Outback Pursuits and Kris Williams is the assistant director of Outback Pursuits.

Location Changes in Student Life

Many of the Student Life staff members have moved to new locations in Clark Hall during the summer.  Please see their new locations and contact information below.

Clark Hall Contact Information



Ryan Aiello

Director of Residence Life & Conduct Advisor

Clark 129


Lindsey Blem

Residence Life Program & Conduct Coordinator

Clark 128


Jean Flory

Housing Specialist

Clark 122


Front Desk

Front Desk of Student Life – Clark Hall

Front Desk


Kim Garrett

Director of Learning Support Services

Clark 227A


Edna Gehring

Director of Hawaii Outreach and Programming

Clark 218


Lisa Geraci

Director of Housing

Clark 123


Denise Giesbers

Director of PIC, Transfer Services, and Orientation

Clark 121


Jessica Kersey

Assistant to Dean of Students

Clark 120


Melodye MacAlpine

Director of Graduate Student Services

Clark 126



New Student/Transfer/Parent Orientation

Clark 121


Will Perkins

Dean of Students

Clark 125A



Pacific Information Center

Clark 131



Residence Hall Association

Clark 130


Laura Siltanen

Campus Wellness Coordinator

Clark 125


Angie Surratt

Assistant Director of PIC

Clark 131


Ralph Vasey

Director of Auxiliary Services

Clark 127



Wellness Educators/Oasis

Clark 124


Residence Halls

2014-15 Area Coordinator Building Responsibilities

  • Ben Dictus: Gilbert, Burlingham, Vandervelden
  • Megan Hockert: Cascade, Clark
  • Jared Begg: McCormick, Walter
Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014