College of Business Faculty Contributes to 'Handbook of Research on Ethnic and Intra-Cultural Marketing'

We are pleased to announce that Lena Cavusoglu, assistant professor of Marketing at the College of Business, has co-authored a significant chapter in the newly published Handbook of Research on Ethnic and Intra-cultural Marketing, edited by Glen Brodowsky, Camille Schuster and Rebeca Perren.

Dr. Cavusoglu, in collaboration with Deniz Atik, has written a thought-provoking chapter titled "White Gaze in Fashion Markets." This chapter critically examines the predominance of Western beauty ideals in the fashion world and presents the profound implications of this idealization on women of color. The chapter begins with a fascinating journey through the history of clothing and fashion, explains why fashion primarily targets women, and sheds light on the historical events that transformed Western cities into global fashion capitals.

The authors argue that the White gaze in fashion perpetuates social stratification and discrimination based on looks, further reinforcing societal inequalities. They advocate for the fashion producers' crucial role in promoting inclusivity across women of color. Overall, this chapter underscores the need for policymakers and scholars to contribute to the greater well-being of all consumers and to foster a more egalitarian society through research and policy initiatives that champion diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the fashion and broader marketing spheres.

Cavusoglu's work substantially enhances the body of knowledge in marketing, fashion, and diversity studies, providing valuable perspectives on underrepresented and underserved consumer groups.

Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2023