Current Undergraduate Student Employees Must Transition from Federal Work-Study to Non Work-Study in Summer

Undergraduate student employees who currently utilize Federal Work-Study cannot utilize Federal Work Study funds for summer student employee positions.

Student supervisors who would like to continue to employ the same undergraduate students currently using Federal Work-Study (FWS) funds into the summer must shift the undergraduate student employee's position and general ledger information to reflect Non Work-Study (NWS) designations and funding accounts.

When employing these undergraduate students, departments must switch the student payment general ledger number from a Federal Work-Study GL # to a Non Work-Study GL #.

Student supervisors who wish to employ spring undergraduate Federal Work-Study student employees on or after May 13, 2021, must fill out this form and submit all summer job information by 5 p.m. Pacific on Friday, May 7, 2021.

Note: In the summer months, all undergraduate students must be employed as Non Work-Study (NWS) employees. This year’s undergraduate student work study allocations end on May 12 and do not begin again until the start of the fall semester. Graduate students who are allocated Federal Work-Study funds may be employed as Federal Work-Study (FWS) employees. Graduate students may also be employed as Non Work-Study employees.

Reminder: The use of this form is for student supervisors who are employing student employees who work the same jobs from spring to summer. If a student supervisor is hiring a new student employee for a summer position, the regular Paycom hiring process should be followed. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021