Discovering Costa Rica: College of Business's First Undergraduate Travel Course

In January 2024, a group of enthusiastic undergraduate students set out for a unique adventure to Costa Rica as part of the operations management travel course at the College oStudents visitf Business. This travel course was the first of its kind at the College of Business and was designed and led by Professor Hossein Rikhtehgar Berenji. During their visit, the students learned about and visited the business activities in central America and gained valuable insights into the management of operations and supply chains.

The travel program was designed to harness Costa Rica's core competitive advantages, focusing on agribusiness operations, logistic and supply chain management, social and environmental responsibility and tourism operations management. From engaging guest lectures to immersive company visits, students were immersed in the vibrant business ecosystem of Costa Rica.

Throughout the journey, students had the opportunity to visit renowned establishments such as Starbucks Global Research and DevelopmentStudents visiting San Jose Farm, Pegasus Logistics, and Suelos Vivos — a leading advocate for sustainable agriculture in Costa Rica. They also explored historical sites, enjoyed cultural events and even mastered the art of Costa Rican cuisine through hands-on cooking classes.

No trip to Costa Rica is complete without a taste of adventure! Our students soared through the treetops on thrilling canopy tours in Manuel Antonio, soaking in the breathtaking beauty of the lush rainforest and conquered the rapids white water rafting down the roaring rivers, adding an exhilarating splash to their Costa Rican adventure.

Join us as we celebrate the spirit of exploration, education and cultural immersion at the College of Business. The travel course to Costa Rica was not just about operations management — it was about forging lifelong memories, expanding horizons and igniting a passion for global learning.

Students water raftingAre You Ready to Embark on Your Own Adventure?

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming travel courses and immerse yourself in the transformative      experience of exploring the world through the lens of business. Your next adventure awaits!

Thursday, Feb. 8, 2024