DPT Alumni and Faculty Presented Research at World Congress in Australia

Kylee Seto DPT '23, Madelyn Foulk DPT '23, and DPT Associate Professor Tzurei Chen presented the research project Gait Variability as a Clinical Marker for Unsteadiness in Individuals with Lower Limb Amputations at the International Society of Posture and Gait (ISPGR) World Congress 2023 in Brisbane, Australia. 

This study evaluates the efficacy of gait parameters and variability in identifying risk for imbalance among control and individuals with unilateral LLA using the APDM system.    

Dr. Chen, Seto and Foulk also checked out the local sights in Brisbane!

seto, foulk

Photo: Kylee Seto DPT '23 on the left and Madelyn Foulk DPT '23 on the right

seto, foulk

seto foulk

attendees in front of conference sign

Photo: Dr. Tzurei Chen on the left, Madelyn Foulk DPT '23 in the middle, and Kylee Seto DPT '23 on the right

conference attendees outside

Wednesday, July 12, 2023