Education Expands the World

Judy MasonWhere Judy Mason ’60 grew up, the gossip traveled faster than the cars.

She remembers the day her boyfriend picked her up in his car after a stop at the cleaner’s. By the time she got home, the “news” had spread that she was pregnant and eloping.

“Just because there were clothes in the back of the car!” Judy said. “That’s a one-horse town.”

Judy wasn’t pregnant, and she didn’t elope. In fact, she never married at all.

Her aunt, Ella (Mason) Caples 1900, paid for Judy to attend Pacific University. That gift sparked a career in education and a life filled with travel and adventure.

“It’s the greatest gift I ever received,” Judy said. “When you give a girl an education, she rises. She’ll never be the same again.”

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Monday, Dec. 7, 2015