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Students may be starting to look and apply for student employee positions at Pacific to prepare for the coming acadmic year. Make sure your positions have updated position descriptions before posting them online. 
The annual staff performance review is an opportunity to document achievements and goals to create alignment, recognition, and shared purpose between employees and their supervisor. Review the steps and instructions provided to support constructive participation.
The Market at the Forest Grove Campus is serving a lunch special from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. through the summer. The special costs $8.50 which includes a delicious hot entree with different sides, along with a beverage. The Market accepts cash, credit and Boxer bucks. 
The Human Resources office is excited to announce a new tradition, the signing of a university poster to represent the new hires each year. 
Payroll offers a sneak peek review of your paycheck.
Jay Fordham '25 sits on the bleacher steps
Jayden Fordham ’25 — known to friends as “Jay 4” — is a student, athlete and amateur barber at Pacific University’s Forest Grove Campus.
Medical Rates Increase with June Paychecks
Earlier this year, the Oregon Legislature amended the Oregon Family Leave Act, or OFLA, which provides job protection for certain qualifying leave reasons. Learn more about changes to the types of leaves protected by OFLA.
New rates will go into effect beginning in July, in deductions from June 2024 paychecks.
The Pacific Interprofessional Clinic in the Baker Building on the Hillsboro Campus offers physical therapy, behavioral medicine, psychology and vision therapy services.