Generous Support Helps Kristen Santos PT ’19 Serve Communities in Need

Boxers know first-hand what it means to lead. From serving underprivileged groups in our communities, to faculty collaboration on clinical research, to addressing global healthcare needs, Pacific graduates are leaders. It’s part of our identity, and it is what separates us from the rest. This fall we are asking our Boxers to continue to lead on – for current and future student success.

Students like Kristen Santos PT ’19 are excited to take advantage of the numerous educational opportunities Pacific is able to provide. Next year, Kristen hopes to travel abroad for a clinical internship in Cape Town, South Africa, where she will work at a children’s hospital in an underserved village. “I have a strong desire to work with children with special needs and believe that better global experiences will help me develop my skills and appreciate the impact our healthcare services make in the world.”

Pacific’s interprofessional learning experience is a unique volunteer opportunity for current students to work alongside students in other graduate programs, while gaining both the qualities and skills necessary to
practice in a changing healthcare environment.  Kristen’s favorite volunteer opportunity was participating in the Go Baby Go event, where Pacific Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy students and staff helped build modified toy cars for children with limited mobility. “It was a delight to see the smile on the child’s and their family’s faces after receiving the car we all worked so hard to custom build for them,” says Kristen.

Today, we ask you to lead on with a gift to the Pacific Excellence Fund to support graduate students like Kristen. Your leadership, at any level, will inspire this and future generations of graduate Boxers to continue making a difference in our communities and world. But, it starts with you, and your support.

Consider a monthly gift to Pacific this year. Your sustaining support, in any amount, allows us to meet emerging student needs throughout the entire year, while reducing paper waste! Go green and give online.

Wednesday, Oct. 25, 2017