Gerontology, SPP Student Presents at Alzheimer's Conference

Sarah Jaehnert and Gerontology Program Director Dr. Linda Hunt authored a poster at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) in Boston, July 19, 2013. Sarah traveled to Boston and presented Early Onset and Staying Employed. Most client information focuses on people with dementia after retirement. 

However, this poster focused more attention and education needs on clients who are still working and want or need to continue working. Sarah reported, “Our poster initiated a LOT of discussion — I had a handful of people ask me to send them the articles I used, and had a ton of people stop and ask questions or talk about people they knew who had early onset and were struggling with employment issues. I was shocked that many people who stopped were unaware of the Americans with Disabilities Act and that it also pertains to people with cognitive impairment. Everyone who stopped to talk to me said that more research in this area is needed — they often don't know how to handle employment and financial issues with people with early-onset dementia, as most of the people they come in contact with just quit their jobs instead of asking their supervisors for accommodations. Many people pleaded for my continued work in the area and appreciated that the issue was being brought to people's attention."

Sarah was a recipient of a gerontology scholarship of $1,000 that enabled her to attend the conference.

Thursday, July 25, 2013