High School Art Show Debuts at Kathrin Cawein Gallery of Art

Pacific University is proud to present The Future of Creativity: Regional High School Art Show online at the Kathrin Cawein Gallery of Art.

The virtual art show displays exceptional artwork from students attending high schools in and around Washington CDigital photo of 4 dogsounty. Schools represented are as follows: Franklin, Grant, Liberty, Banks, McMinnville, and Mountainside.

The mixed media showcase features 30 works of art from ceramics and photographs to paintings and drawings.   

"It's a great show, featuring a wide range of mediums and subject matter! It is very important to encourage creativity and artistic expression, particularly in young folks," said Tyler Brumfield, Cawein Gallery manager and art professor.

"Art communicates with a richness and at a depth that very few other methods of communication can access, a depth beyond the spoken word. Our society is in dire need of folks that can speak that language; folks that are willing to explore the places few others are willing to go in order to share their vision and imagination through the generous act of making and showing art," he said.

The show is juried by students in the Gallery Management course at Pacific University. The work is evaluated based on technical excellence, strength of concept and originality of form.

Exhibits are provided through the Department of Art and currently presented virtually. The gallery is named in recognition of the late Kathrin Cawein of New York, who beyond being an accomplished printmaker and contributor to Pacific University, established an endowed scholarship for students of the arts at Pacific.

Jury Results for Regional High School Virtual Art Show

“Queen Caidence”: Elisabetta Minervini

“Woman of Many Words”: Elisabetta Minervini

“Thor and the Devil”: Salem McCants

“Woman”: Nora Dixon

“Amsterdammit, I’m an artist…not a junkie”: Marvin Eusebio Jr.:

“Tortured Artist”: Marvin Eusebio Jr.

“Light”: Oliver Baltzer

“Adulteration”: Aliza Lee

“Cultivated”: Aliza Lee

“Under the Sea”: Katelyn Argyle

“Untitled”: Katelyn Argyle

“Untitled”: McKenzie Barker

“Volkswagen Octopus”: Mia Lovejoy

“Despondent”: Isabella Sliwinski

“Untitled”: Lydia Rubash

“Mr. Oozey”: Riley Donohue

“Gravity”: Huy Tran

“sk8erbird”: Jillian Bird

“gardenbird”: Jillian Bird

“Power Pup”: Katherine Coppock

“Untitled”: Vishwesh Krishnamurthy

“Sisterly Gaze”: Ember Schmidt

“Untitled”: Alexa Easterly

“Untitled”: Kendra Anderson

“Gift for the Toucan Queen”: Lillie Spence

“Tea Party”: Jasmine Pfafman

“Lapis”: Jasmine Pfafman

“Dubrovnik Alley”: Kai Brown

“Don’t Fly Away”: Isabella Smejtek

“Immortal”: Mikiesa Fuller

Friday, March 19, 2021