'I Fill That Bliss'

Karren TimmermansKarren Timmermans developed her love of teaching early.

“I have been interested in teaching children how to read and write since I volunteered as a tutor for the Richmond Public Schools after college,” said the Pacific University Professor of Education. “Now, I just fill that bliss by teaching others how to support children’s literacy development.”

Timmermans spent 10 years teaching elementary school in the U.S. and Europe. Now, she teaches undergraduate and graduate students in Pacific University’s teacher education program.

“We offer a diverse choice of program options at both the undergraduate and graduate level for those who want to teach and work with children at any grade level and in any subject,” she said. “We also have many programs to support teachers who want to add endorsements and expand their skills and knowledge.”

In her free time, Timmermans enjoys camping, hiking and snowshoeing with her family and dogs — and supporting her foundation, The Pilcrow Foundation, which gives children’s books to rural public libraries.

Monday, Aug. 30, 2021