Pacific Honors Faculty & Staff

Pacific University celebrated its employees on May 9 at the annual Faculty and Staff Honors and Awards Ceremony. President Lesley Hallick expressed her appreciation for the nearly 1,000 employees who make Pacific work by teaching, supporting, housing, inspiring and caring for students.

Retiring employees were recognized, as were faculty and staff members who have devoted many years of service to the university.

Among those recognized for more than 30 years of service were Douglas Ryan, Cindy Schuppert, Carole Timpone and Edna Gehring ’70, MSEd ’72. Timpone, the College of Optometry’s associate dean of clinical programs, and Gehring, director of Hawai’i Outreach and Programming, are also retiring at the end of the 2017-2018 academic year.

Optometry Professor Scott Cooper ’90, OD ’90, MSEd ’93 received the Distinguished University Professor Award, which recognizes outstanding performance by a faculty member over an entire career. Cooper completed teaching fellowships in 1991 and 1992, and is currently a fellow in the American Academy of Optometry. His areas of expertise and research include visual performance, visual perception, vision and learning and case analysis. 

Here’s a rundown of the 2017-2018 honorees:

Dedication to Students Award
Katie Lardy

Splendid Audacity Award
Sara Tapia-Guillen

Outstanding Leadership Award
Stephanie Stokamer
Rita Barton

Boxer Spirit Award
Pam Arnold
Krisha Hall
Kristen Overton
Linsay VanderVeen

Story-Dondero Award for the Study of Politics & the Economy
Jeff Seward

Thomas & Joyce Holce Professorship in Science
Andy Dawes

Junior Faculty Development Award
Anil Oommen
Jessica Hardin
Tim Yang

President’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
Keya Mitra

President’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching
Sigrid Roberts

Faculty Achievement Award
Dijana Ihas

Outstanding Contribution to the University Award
Ashly Tilden-Browning
Pete Erschen

University Diversity & Justice Award
Lisette Romig

Distinguished University Professor Award
Scott Cooper

Chris Brems
Jeanne Oliver
Cathy Moonshine
John Suroviak
Chris Macfarlane
Rick London
Ann Matschiner
Carole Londeree
Patsy Charlesworth
Kathryn Eisenbarth
Jim Flory
James Lane
Hannu Laukkanen
Carole Timpone
Edna Gehring

Years of Service

35 Years
Edna Gehring
Doug Ryan
Cindy Schuppert
Carole Timpone

25 Years
Jenny Coyle
Shana David
Kathy Ferrer
Ted Krupicka
John P. Lowery

20 Years
Virginia Adams
Jennifer Antick
Raquel Avalos
Brandon Browning
Jeane Canon
Dina Erickson
Graham Erickson
Katie Farrell
Denise Goodwin
Monique Grindell
Chris Guenther
Vicki Hains
Shawn Henry
Terry O’Day
Greg Paetzhold
Bill Ray
Sheryl Sanders
Richard Warren

15 Years
Jennifer Camp
Claire Gadbois
Scott Gobel
Brent Johnson
Susan Li
Jim Moore
Stephen Prag
Jerry Rice
Sandra Rogers
Mary Von

10 Years
Maria Aguilar
Jenelle Andrews
Rita Barton
Paige Baugher
Harold Berninghausen
Dawn Bregel
Daniel Broyles
Kevin Carr
Bill Carrigan
Christi Closson
Laurel Collison
Rebecca Concepcion
Andy Dawes
Laura Dimmler
Maria Echeverria
Fawzy Elbarbry
Maria Escutia Andrade
Dana Eytzen
Jeff Fortner
Phil Friesen
Bonnie Harris
Sandra Hess
Joni Heveron
Caroline Johnson
Ryan Kimberly
Brian King
Nancy Krusen
Kim McAuliffe
Rachelle Mejia
Michael Millard
John S. Miller
Gyorgyi Nyerges
Anil Oommen
Katherine Parker
Donna Phillips
Sean Roush
Tal Sanders
Alison Santoro
AJ Sommers
Karla Staihar
Angela Surratt
Sara Tapia-Guillen
Tenley Taylor
Enie Vaisburd
Carolyn Vanaken
Kaitlyn Varuska
Severin Walsh

5 Years
Arlene Adamson
Yemaly Alexander
Tanya Arroyo
John Begert
Alexis Bell
Anastasia Bennett
Bjorn Bergstrom
Jennifer Bhalla
Jenelle Braun-Monegan
Rachel Cadd
Lisa Chau
Claudia Chenoweth
Sarah Creedican
Chuck Currie
Rose Dahl
Larry Davis
Ila Fitzgearld
Peter Flipsen
Wanda Frazier
Maria Garfias-Lopez
Xiaomin Guo
Wendy Hanks
Carmen Hinckley
Anne Hogan
Breanna Hugon
Matthew Hunsinger
Lydia Jackson
Christine Korb
Sarah Martin
Bevin McCarthy
Liesl McCormick
Michael Miller
Keya Mitra
Peter Morgan
Robert Nee
Gary Pacarro
Tatiana Paitanova
Donna Ramos
Maria Rodriguez
Brian Searcy
Jolene Smith
Brigg Turner
Jolene Vice
Peter Vik
Tiffany Vuylsteke
Matt Wade
Jennifer Walsh
Elizabeth Yandall
Peter Yellico
Ruth Zuniga

Monday, May 14, 2018