Pacific University Faculty Spotlighted in Oregon Business Magazine

Lena Cavusoglu and Hossein Rikhtehgar Berenji are thrilled to be featured together in the May issue of Oregon Business magazine, recognized for their innovative teaching methods at the College of Business at Pacific University.

At Pacific, professors bring their academic research directly into the classroom, providing students with real-world, hands-on learning opportunities. This approach ensures that students are not only learning theoretical concepts but also engaging with up-to-date, relevant examples and challenges.

For instance, Dr. Cavusoglu has enriched her social media marketing class with a chapter on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, addressing issues of misrepresentation and underrepresentation. By weaving these important topics into her curriculum, she prepares the marketers of tomorrow to be more inclusive and socially aware.

Similarly, Dr. Rikhtehgar Berenji uses his research on COVID-19 vaccine development in his project management courses, offering students a close-up look at expedited project management. His lessons on overlapping production phases during the vaccine rollout show the real-world applications of project management and the high-stakes decisions involved.

Additionally, guest speakers, from co-investigators to industry executives, are brought in to share their insights and experiences with students. This network of collaborators enriches the learning experience, providing diverse perspectives and deeper understanding of complex business challenges.

Through these innovative methods, students are equipped to tackle real-world problems, gaining the skills and knowledge they need for successful careers. The work of these professors demonstrates how academic research can make education at Pacific University both practical and impactful.

The recognition by Oregon Business magazine is a testament to their dedication, and they express gratitude to their students who inspire them to continually push the boundaries of traditional teaching methods. The journey of bringing relevant, experiential learning into the classroom continues, preparing the next generation of business leaders to make a positive impact on the world.

Friday, June 7, 2024