PreK Art Collection Celebrates Our Youngest Learners

Every year in early April, child care providers across the country join together to celebrate the Week of the Young Child, which takes place this year from April 6-12. Celebrate this year by visiting the Forest Grove City Library to view our local collection of artwork, "Celebrating the Artwork of our Youngest Learners: Forest Grove Area Preschools’ Community Art Show."

This collection will be up for one week only, April 6-12, and was made in collaboration with The Early Learning Community at Pacific University, Forest Grove Montessori, Mt. Olive Lutheran Preschool, and Adelante Mujeres. Through our collective practices, we center children as integral parts of our community. 

Early childhood is a time of critical development when children learn so many of the fundamental skills they’ll continue to use throughout their lives, from letter sounds to friendship skills to counting to an appreciation for nature and the world around them. Yet so often in our society, we overlook the essential learning that our children are doing during this period. We also tend to underestimate the complexity and rigor that high quality child care providers and preschool teachers bring to this work each day. Play is serious business! 

That is why we’ve come together as a group of preschools here in the Forest Grove area to showcase the incredible creations of children in our community and to highlight the importance of early education. We hope you enjoy the children’s art as much as we do! 

Monday, April 1, 2024