Professor Linda Hunt Publishes Resource for Gerontology

Pacific University professor Linda Hunt, also a licensed occupational therapist and an expert in elderly care, recently co-authored a comprehensive guide for caregivers, Work and the Older Person: Increasing Longevity and Well-Being.

The book provides occupational therapists, gerontologists, social workers, psychologists and others in the health and social care sectors the latest research about the benefits of productivity in old age and tactics caregivers can apply to help their patients and loved ones.

Senior citizens themselves can also benefit from Work and the Older Person by reading the numerous personal stories from senior citizens who benefit from active lifestyles and continued participation in the workforce beyond the traditional retirement age.

Dr. Hunt co-authored the book with Caroline E. Wolverson of York St. John University in the United Kingdom as part of a multi-year faculty collaborative between Pacific and York St. John.

Hunt, a longtime advocate for the young at heart, directs Pacific University's online Certificate of Gerontology program. She recently discussed her publication with the Daily Inter Lake of Kalispel, Mont.

Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014