Professor Tzurei Chen and Student Present at 17th International Symposium of 3-D Analysis of Human Movement

Dr. Chen & Kylee Seto '23

Associate professor Dr. Tzurei Chen (left), School of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training, and third-year physical therapy student Kylee Seto PT '23 (right) presented research at the 17th International Symposium of 3-D Analysis of Human Movement (3D-AHM) in Tokyo, Japan, in July 2022.

Physical therapy students Madelyn Foulk PT '23 and Isabel Lin PT '24 and alumni Gabriel Camilli PT '22 and Sara Tomlinson PT '22 also took part in the project "Assessment of Gait and Balance Impairment in Individuals with Lower Limb Loss during Timed Up and Go Test Using Wearable Sensors."

The students have been working on this study for the past two years under the guidance of Dr. Chen, who is the primary faculty investigator on the project. This study investigated transitional movements of the Timed Up and Go test using the APDM system among healthy adults and individuals with unilateral lower-limb loss.  

3D-AHM is a bi-annual international conference organized by The International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) Technical Group. The symposium provides a forum for the discussion of all issues relating to the measurement of human movement in three dimensions.

Kylee Seto '23 and Dr. Chen

Kylee Seto '23 (left ) with Dr. Tzurei Chen (right)

Kylee Seto '23

Kylee Seto '23 (Photos courtesy of Dr. Tzurei Chen)

Friday, July 22, 2022