Public Health Professor Researches, Talks on Housing

Public Health Professor Moriah McSharry McGrath has been collaborating with the Community Alliance of Tenants to better research operations and get more information on the health impacts of eviction in Portland. McSharry McGrath has been looking into the different kind of impacts on vulnerable populations. Thus far the work being done has received $80,000 for advocacy work from the Meyer Memorial Foundation, a $20,000 action research grant for the Sociological Initiatives Foundation, and a $1,500 partnership development grant from the Detroit Urban Research Center. 

McSharry McGrath also recently presented at the American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting in San Francisco in a special track, Sex and the City: Reactionism, Resistance and Revolt. McSharry McGrath's talk, "From sites of vice to sites of redemption: Community-led redevelopment of strip club sites in Portland, Oregon,” discussed media discourses surrounding the conversion of local strip clubs into a church, homeless shelter, and community center.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016